Billie MacAvoy is part Dexter, part Tony Soprano, and part 007, but she is all business when it comes to protecting the nation. 

Dark Ops is dark for a reason and Billie MacAvoy fits right in. Perhaps it isn’t so terrible that she has no compunction about killing enemies of the United States government. After all, someone has to clean up the mess made by the FBI, the CIA, and any number of other Homeland Security organizations that drop the ball during covert operations.

Billie is one such cleaner, but she is not like any of the others operatives.
No, she was born broken. As a sociopath working for the most secretive organization in the United States, she is able to do what most cannot, and she does it with the clean precision of a surgeon—all without feeling one single emotion.

When one of her assets goes missing, Billie must fight off operatives from other countries who want him dead as she races against time to find him before they do. Along the way, her loyalty is tested, her skills pushed to the limit, and her own dark secrets bubble to the surface.

In the blackness that is dark ops, there’s one person you want on your side, and her name is Billie MacAvoy, because one thing she understands above all else…is kill or be killed.

Kill or Be Killed: Under Cover (Evolved Publishing)

Nothing Fair About It (Evolved Publishing)

If you've ever felt like you didn't fit in...if you ever wondered why the people in your life appear to be crazy, then you will love Drew Watkins' story about growing up in funeral home.
Surrounded by dead bodies and family who might as well BE dead, Drew must learn how to navigate a world filled with bigotry, hatred, and confining rules that threaten to bind her to a life she doesn't belong in. 

Befriending a homeless woman who shares books with her, Drew realizes there is more to life than what her Fundamentalist grandparents offer. It takes a homeless woman, a Mexican family, and the corpses in the cellar to show Drew what she is really made of and how special she truly is. And as she grows up and discovers her own path, Drew must fight to shrug off the shackles of a childhood that continues to reach for her from the grave.

In the end, as she fights for her own identity, as she struggles to overcome a past filled with death, Drew Watkins understands one very true thing in life...that there is Nothing Fair About It.